LTAS 300 Balloon System

The LTAS 300 is the most capable aerostat surveillance system in the world. In evidence, the primary sub-systems of the LTAS 300 are deployed on mission-critical assignments in a number of countries on a high-availability, 7 day per week, 24 hour per day basis. The system is in use for such diverse missions as head-of-state protection as well as border security in one of the most dangerous and critical-threat parts of the world, the Gaza Strip. The EO payload of the LTAS 300 is commonly used on large UAVs of the Predator and Global Hawk class. Like the LTAS 200, the payload has been modified for use on a balloon.


Although not a small system, the LTAS 300 can be managed and deployed by as few as three professionals. Even in high wind conditions. Note that unlike the 100 and 200 systems, the LTAS 300 requires a large flat-bed or heavy construction equipment trailer for transport.

There is one EO payload for the LTAS 300. An all-weather, full 3-axis stabilized, cooled thermal and daylight detector gimbal with extreme stabilization supporting 15x continuous optical zoom.

Proof of nationality and governmental position is required for additional information. Export restrictions apply.

Methods and Technologies
Features of the LTAS 300 system
• Proven design for use in mission-critical theaters of operation
• System is based on the KingFisher balloon
• 3-Axis stabilized, 3-gimbal mount
• Conventional video network with designated workstation control

Operational Benefits of the LTAS 300
• Extended mission duration using Lighter-Than-Air balloon platform
• Daylight and Nighttime (low light) operation
• Wide field of view with stabilized optical zoom
• Flexible deployment with available all-weather capability in up to 50mph winds

LTAS 300 Technical Characteristics
• 1/4” CCD detector array with 320x240 pixel resolution
• No-light, long range detection of human-sized objects
• Wide field of view with stabilized optical zoom
• Flexible deployment and all-weather capable in up to 50mph winds
• 2-Axis (pitch, roll) gyro-stabilized articulating detector platform