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About Aerial Products

APC crew Aerial Products Corporation serves the aerial imaging, aerial photography and aerial advertising communities. Our electronics systems are designed locally, engineered internationally and manufactured and supported at our headquarters in Jacksonville, FL USA.
We are also one of the most respected balloon and blimp manufacturers in the USA. We exclusively manufacture the only two wind-resistant balloon designs in the world, the Floatograph Technologies’ Skydoc balloon and the bladders for the Sandy Allsopp Helikite.

Aerial Surveillance Systems
As a natural progression from the manufacture of our aerial photography equipment, Aerial Products began producing systems for defense and surveillance. These aerial surveillance systems range from simpler, cost-effective units to the more robust, high-demand, mission-critical platforms used by the military and DOD research agencies. This defense and surveillance market is served well by our new systems because of our strong aerial imaging base, vast knowledge of software and networking, and experience working with military personnel to hone and develop equipment to their mission requirements. These aerial platforms are used for border control, military reconnaissance, civil authority security, and police surveillance.

Products and Brands
Our aerial imaging systems and surveillance systems are managed by the Aerial Products brand, and our blimps and balloons are sold through the Southern Balloon Works brand. Southern Balloon Works has been in the aerial advertising business since 1992.

We are 'the' Balloon Manufacturer (Southern Balloon Works)
Not only are we your direct source for giant advertising balloons and blimps for a trade show or special event, we are the main supplier for many aerostat, blimp and balloon resellers worldwide. There are many avenues through which individuals and businesses may purchase large aerial advertising products and they use us as their chosen supplier. There are few actual balloon factories in the USA, and we are one of them, so these reseller relationships allow us to get more high-impact advertising products out to the public worldwide. Resellers choose us because our manufacturing quality is higher than most of our rivals as we use polyurethane envelopes for our aerial platforms instead of leak-prone PVC. And we pride ourselves on customer service that exceeds expectations.

Systems Applications
Our aerial surveillance and aerial photograpy systems are used worldwide for mission-critical tasks. We have customers in 45 countries, including government agencies, militaries, corporate clients, and small businesses. We do not supply to countries or organizations defined by the US Government or coalition authorities as nations that support terrorism.

We have earned the trust of many military and civil organizations:
• Various US defense clients use a range of our solutions, from balloons to electro-optical payloads.
• A number of OEM UAV manufacturers use our systems to test their systems.

Start an Aerial Photography Business
We also help to establish aerial photography businesses. Buying into a franchise can be prohibitively expensive and starting your own business is risky enough in itself. Using our range of aerial photography systems, you can get started in an aerial photography business with a minimal capital investment. Your new venture will still require a sound business plan and research on aerial photo opportunities in your market area, but can prove to be a highly flexible and highly profitable career. You can even try aerial photography as a rewarding hobby with some income potential on the side. In either case, we can help you decide which of our systems will work for you.

Aerial Products Lines of Business
Our product line now includes the following main groups:
Aerostats – blimps, balloons and some odd designs that are stable, wind-resistant aerial platforms
Aerial Imaging Systems - This product group includes all types of imaging systems such as remote control cameras, stabilized video, thermal imaging, and infra-red photography.
Aerial Surveillance Systems – The LTAS series surveillance systems are feature rich: cost-effective, all-weather and easy to deploy.
Custom Engineering - We design & build custom solutions for civil authorities, US agencies and universities, as well as corporate clients. Examples of our custom work include high-volume xenon gas containers; and aerial WiFi nodes for emergency services
Aerial Photography Equipment - a large range of balloon-based and mast-based systems for elevated photography. Includes various models of digital and video cameras operated via a wireless ground station with full pan, tilt and zoom capabilities.
Pneumatic Masts - These are high-lift mobile masts to elevate the camera systems. Can be vehicle-mounted and/or tripod-mounted poles

The Factory
Aerial Products Corporation’s employees have integrated systems design experience in various industries disciplines including software for image compression, software for supply chain optimization, hardware systems for imaging processing and aerial imaging systems.

Aerial Products Corporation (APC)
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Doing Business with Aerial Products

Reliability, Integrity and World-Class Support

Aerial Products Corporation is the leader in LTA aerial imaging solutions for surveillance, imaging and photography. APC is an Original Equipment Manufacturer of aerostats, winch systems, launchers and integrator of state-of-the-art gyro-stabilized gimbals from leading defense companies.

30- day terms and Letters of Credit for systems

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Solutions Approach for Aerial Sensors

Aerial Products provides a consultative approach to solving customer challenges. While standard products are available, and generally in-stock, we prefer to work with clients to provide the best overall solution. A systems approach ensures the solution is right for the mission. Factors such as logistics, crewing, cost, maintainability, operating environment and delivery time are considered.

The process starts with the payload; camera, radar, acoustic detector, radio repeater, antenna array or whatever you need to lift above the ground . Basic parameters such as weight, power requirements, wind cross section, positioning of the payload affect the design.

Additional requirements include;

  • Flight duration
  • Operating altitude AGL
  • Launch site altitude ASL
  • Mission frequency
  • Launcher operations; mobile, stationary, marine

Please contact us to discuss your project and requirements.