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LTAS Balloon Surveillance Systems

Advanced imaging technologies for Security, Crowd Control and Disaster Management.

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Aerial Photography Equipment

Aerial Photography Equipment for Professionals

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Custom Electronics and Balloon Projects

Systems can be custom engineered to your specifications

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KingFisher™ Wind Capable Aerostat

An aerostat balloon designed to provide a stable platform in winds up to 50mph/75kph.

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Heavy Lift Nylon Blimps

We manufacture extreme-sized blimps and balloons to lift your heavy payload

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Aerial Surveillance

LTAS Aerial Surveillance: Daylight, Thermal, Networked
aerial_surveillance_thbLighter-Than-Air-Surveillance for Law Enforcement, Homeland Security, Facility Protection, Border Security, CONUS Base Security Read More

Aerial Photography

Wireless Aerial Photography from Blimps and MastsPan, Tilt, Roll Aerial Camera System
Blimp and Mast-based Pan/Tilt and Zoom Capabilities. Read More

Aerial Imaging

Aerial Imaging From Custom Solutionslidarballoonthm
Variable wave-length detectors, Synthetic Aperture Radar, Millimeter Wave Radar - Your payload and our launch, recovery and telemetry solution. Read More
Aerial Products' solutions range from commercial aerial photography systems to aerostat surveillance systems using cooled thermal, gyro-stabilized cameras. Our systems are used worldwide by small business owners, large corporations, and foreign and domestic govenment entities. As the exclusive manufacturer of numerous military and heavy-lift aerostats through the subsidiary Southern Balloon Works, Aerial Products has a solid reputation of providing reliable, helium-powered platforms for mission-critical applications. We manufacture the highest-quality lighter-than-air products, ship on time, and provide excellent customer support.

The Aerial Products' balloon photography systems are some of the best available anywhere in the world. From the small and light Pentax A40, using a 6 foot Kingfisher aerostat, to the very capable, heavy-weight champion (literally) Canon 1Ds Mark III using an 8 foot Kingfisher. All systems have non-stop 360 degree pan, 90 degree tilt, mechanical zoom for DSLRs and full wireless operation. Future upgrades include WIFI connectivity for laptop camera control and a new mounting style for the Kingfisher that keeps the tether line out of the shot. Don't miss the mast photography and pole photography systems as well. These are easy to use pneumatic masts you can mount to a vehicle or use with a portable tripod. At 50 feet these systems get a great shot with less than 15 minutes setup time.

Professional and Research Aerial photographers choose Aerial Products because we offer the flexibility to design a system to meet their needs. As examples; a BBC photographer in Kenya required special battery chargers, a US Army range photographer needed a tiny system capable of being moved around a range easily, another US Army photographer asked us to build a unique camera mount for surveys in South America. We recently completed a project for a UAV manufacturer that required in-air photos and video of their product flying autonomously in-theater in Iraq.

Aerial Products is a tier one manufacturer and integrator of imaging systems for aerial surveillance, situational awareness and custom imaging requirements. With expertise in imaging system networks, remote camera control, data networks, secure wireless networks and multi-megapixel surveillance cameras and DVRs, Aerial Products can design, build and deliver the right solutions for your challenging projects. As an example, for one customer using one balloon we designed a system concurrently using 6 different forms of telemetry and communication; Ethernet over Power, Power over Ethernet, Fiber Optic, secure WDS 802.11x, digital 1.2ghz video and twisted pair. The solution was designed to provide critical functionality in an environment with saturated frequency-magnetic interference, electro-magnetic interference and multiple close proximity transmitters using frequency-hopping spread spectrum techniques.

The LTAS (Lighter-Than-Air-Surveillance) series of aerial surveillance systems employ a unique combination of Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) and military technologies with ground-breaking operational methods. Take a look at the LTAS 100 as an example. Aerial Products is the only company in the world with an aerial, high-multi-megapixel, surveillance solution. With the potential to operate in 50 mph winds, provide all-weather capabilities and longer loiter times than anything else flying. With 16 megapixels the LTAS 100 provides enough data to not just know "someone" is there, we can tell you "who" is there from 500 feet up and a quarter mile away.

Aerial Products continues to broaden its reach worldwide as we develop new aerial surveillance and aerial photography solutions. With outstanding customer service and a dedication to exceeding our customer's expectations,we hope that you'll spend some time getting to know our solutions and our people better.



Doing Business with Aerial Products

Reliability, Integrity and World-Class Support

Aerial Products Corporation is the leader in LTA aerial imaging solutions for surveillance, imaging and photography. APC is an Original Equipment Manufacturer of aerostats, winch systems, launchers and integrator of state-of-the-art gyro-stabilized gimbals from leading defense companies.

30- day terms and Letters of Credit for systems

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Solutions Approach for Aerial Sensors

Aerial Products provides a consultative approach to solving customer challenges. While standard products are available, and generally in-stock, we prefer to work with clients to provide the best overall solution. A systems approach ensures the solution is right for the mission. Factors such as logistics, crewing, cost, maintainability, operating environment and delivery time are considered.

The process starts with the payload; camera, radar, acoustic detector, radio repeater, antenna array or whatever you need to lift above the ground . Basic parameters such as weight, power requirements, wind cross section, positioning of the payload affect the design.

Additional requirements include;

  • Flight duration
  • Operating altitude AGL
  • Launch site altitude ASL
  • Mission frequency
  • Launcher operations; mobile, stationary, marine

Please contact us to discuss your project and requirements.