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LTAS Balloon Surveillance Systems

Advanced imaging technologies for Security, Crowd Control and Disaster Management.

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Aerial Photography Equipment

Aerial Photography Equipment for Professionals

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Custom Electronics and Balloon Projects

Systems can be custom engineered to your specifications

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KingFisherâ„¢ Wind Capable Aerostat

An aerostat balloon designed to provide a stable platform in winds up to 50mph/75kph.

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Heavy Lift Nylon Blimps

We manufacture extreme-sized blimps and balloons to lift your heavy payload

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Aerial Surveillance

LTAS Aerial Surveillance: Daylight, Thermal, Networked
aerial_surveillance_thbLighter-Than-Air-Surveillance for Law Enforcement, Homeland Security, Facility Protection, Border Security, CONUS Base Security Read More

Aerial Photography

Wireless Aerial Photography from Blimps and MastsPan, Tilt, Roll Aerial Camera System
Blimp and Mast-based Pan/Tilt and Zoom Capabilities. Read More

Aerial Imaging

Aerial Imaging From Custom Solutionslidarballoonthm
Variable wave-length detectors, Synthetic Aperture Radar, Millimeter Wave Radar - Your payload and our launch, recovery and telemetry solution. Read More